▪ Friday Jibu ▪

Born in 1974, Friday currently lives in Dedza in Mua, Malawi, an area renowned for its wood carving culture. Friday started carving wood at the young age of ten years. He is currently the fourth generation in his family to devote their lives to woodcarving:

“I learned how to carve wood when I was ten years old back in Malawi” said Friday. “It is a skill I inherited from my father who taught us (me and my brothers) how to carve different type of wood”.
In 2008, Friday travelled to South Africa for the first time to exhibit some of his work in Johannesburg.
His present work includes life size carvings of both human and animal skulls in jacaranda wood. According to Friday:
“To carve the wood I use a chisel and it takes me about two to three days to carve the smallest products. I work alone and mainly use two different types of wood: ebony which is brought down from Malawi, and jacaranda which is locally sourced. These two types of wood are strong and easier to carve. I then put varnish on some products to give them a shining colour and some I prefer not varnish on them this is to keep the natural colour of the wood.”
Passionate about the art of carving, Friday also passes on his knowledge through classes at the Kungoni Centre of Culture and Art in Mua, Malawi. His unique ability, style and technique set him apart from the traditional rural woodcarver, to an artist who creates contemporary pieces of art.

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