▪ Jodi Bieber ▪

Jodi Bieber’s professional career began covering the 1994 Democratic Elections in South Africa for The Star Newspaper after attending three short courses at The Market Photography Workshop in Johannesburg. A turning point was her selection to participate in the World Press Masterclass held in the Netherlands in 1996. This opened the door to travel the world on assignment for international magazines and NGO’s.

She has won numerous international awards including the Premier Award at World Press Photo in 2010.

She continued during this time to persue her own projects and presently spends most of her time working this way. Her four monographs “Between Dogs and Wolves – Growing up with South Africa, 1996; Soweto, 2010; Real Beauty 2014 and Between Darkness and Light, Selected Works: South Africa 1994-2010 are exhibited in solo and group shows locally and abroad. Her photographs are housed in some significant collections like The Artur Walther Collection ,The François Pinault Collection,The Oppenheimer Collection; The Johannesburg Art Gallery, Iziko Museums Collection; Jean Paul Blachere Foundation.

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