▪ John Moore ▪

John Moore was introduced to the fauna and flora of Southern Africa at an early age. He remembers his veterinarian father coming home with different creatures, snakes, rabbits or pigeons. He and his twin brother often played with these creatures in early childhood. This instilled a love and appreciation for wildlife.
John was schooled at St John’s College Johannesburg which allowed for long holidays and exploration of Southern Africa. His grandparents often took ‘the kids on safari” to the Kruger National Park. They where taught to love and appreciate wildlife in every form. They learned to enjoy not only the the wonder of the “Big Five” but also the complexity and detail of “the little things”. John remembers sitting at waterholes for hours armed with his binoculars and nature books. He studied birds, trees and insects. Over the years his appreciation for detail and micro organisms was firmly fixed into his growing imagination.
He also learned to appreciate the different ecosystems that inhabit Southern Africa. His visited the contrasting coastal forests of Kwa-zulu Natal and the arid deserts of Namibia. Both beautiful and diverse. The abundance of wildlife, all living in fascinating surroundings, fired his imagination. He was able to witness and appreciate the indigenous people of Southern Africa. He had the opportunity to share and listen to tales of the fauna and flora around the fireside, which included their beliefs.
At the end of his school career, John had to make a decision whether to go into “the Arts” or wildlife conservation. He decided on a career in Graphic design. He was accepted to the Graphic design course at Witwatersrand Technikon in 1991 where he changed to Fine Arts. He realized that he could now create the images of the creatures he admired. He merged his love of wildlife with his love for art. Due to his childhood experiences, John started to create detailed designs in his work. He enjoys the complexity of imagery as well as the opportunity to print multiple editions of his work. He very quickly realized that printmaking medium would be the form of art he wanted to create. Throughout his career, his work has become more and more detailed, large and complex. His chosen art forms include etchings, lithographs, woodblocks and Linocuts. He completed his H.Dip Diploma in printmaking.
His work has evolved into more conceptual imagery and now has South Africa’s largest printing press in his studio. He is passionate about working on large-scale work creating immense detailed imagery on the works. John’s material is gleaned from “experiencing life, in all its forms”.