▪ Kirsty May Hall ▪

Kirsty May Hall was born in the 1970s in Benoni. She attained a Higher National Diploma in Fine Art from what was then Wits Technikon Fine Art Department in 1989, under the guidance of Dr Gregory Kerr, Marielda Marie and Leonora Faber. She then began studying nature conservation but left her studies to pursue wildlife rehabilitation.

After working in Swaziland and Botswana bush for many years, hand rearing everything with fangs, fur and feathers, she returned to the urban life. Years of living among birds influenced Hall’s choice in subject matter, and soon everything in her world became about birds. “Birds have taught me everything I need to know about living a good and meaningful life” says Hall.
Hall paints birds because hope comes on wings; because it takes courage to fly; because wild birds don’t need passports. We are all in the birds that she paints, and they are us. They are hope, optimism, freedom, interaction. They are the reason to believe in better things. Birds transcend barriers of gender, culture, race, age and status. Birds teach us that we too are spectacular, because beauty can recognise itself in another.

Hall’s palette and abundance within her compositions reflects nature’s lack of shyness with number and colour. Nature is independent of human ideals of aesthetics and doesn’t care what is in vogue.
Hall’s influences are nature San rock art, bird flight mapping and Fibonacci sequencing. The rock art influences are manifested in her placement of flat, graphic figures cut free from any unnecessary background. When the ancient spatial placement of forms is repeated on canvas, along with the combination of bird flight mapping data and Fibonacci sequencing, her work becomes a spacing of forms both part fantastical and scientific.

Keep watching this space for new developments.