▪ Nina Torr ▪

Born in 1984, Johannesburg, South Africa. He is the son of iconic painter Gehard Batha, who studied in Vienna Austria
Batha draws in pencil, charcoal, ballpoint and marker pen and paints washes on paper as well as oils and acrylic on large canvases (portraits, figures, landscapes, interiors and abstracts)
Batha attended The Ridge School Westcliffe from 1989 until 1997, and received the art prize, under the tutelage of Jean Nel. He attended the Eden Art Academy in Johannesburg under Johan du Plessis a prominent SA artist and Stephan Erasmus, who is the ABSA collection curator.
“From an early age I was privileged to have been taken to art museums and galleries in Europe and North America. I drew and painted for 20 years, developing my love of figurative Expressionism, favouring artists like Baselitz, Lupertz, Gerstl, Boeckel, De Kooning, Picasso and more. Of late I’ve been leaning toward abstract art that evokes a freer feeling, like music, my second passion. Painting is a compulsion of mine, battling with myself all the time. I never use black or colour straight from the tube. I am very particular about my palette mixing my own colours that blend and harmonise with each other creating a balanced composition of form, colour and light.”
Batha has to date participated in 10 exhibitions, 2 of which were held at In Toto Gallery.

Batha strives to achieve balance of form in his work, allowing his paintings to speak for themselves. The viewer is encouraged not to focus on the subject matter but rather the emotional brushstrokes that evoke the tradition of Expressionist painting. He is a particularly hard-working artist, choosing to remain private in his space and with his free time.

Keep watching this space for new developments.