▪ Philip Pieroth ▪

German-born, Johannesburg-based visual artist Pieroth explores the idea of Paradise in his solo exhibition at In Toto Gallery. After a residency in Barbados, Pieroth dug a little deeper into the local history and found a sad and hellish history of slavery and misery. On the surface the island life is blissful with a population mostly of African descent. The native rhythms of the island give the illusion of a paradise while tourists are in denial about the truth of how the locals settled in Paradise. He believes that the west consumes places without fully understanding the history of a destination. Pieroth confronts this idea that traveling comes with a responsibility and humbleness, not only in the Caribbean but in South Africa as well. In his paintings he hopes to draw attention to the circumstances in which the locals came to settle in “Paradise” and create tension and disruption with his contextual discrepancy.

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