▪ Tori Stowe ▪

“I am a freelance artist, designer and illustrator working from a studio in our gallery, The Corner, based in the rural village of Bathurst, Eastern Cape, South Africa. As a fine artist, I work on themed collections of works to exhibit. The subject is usually drawn from the natural world: figures, animals and plants. I use mainly charcoal with ink and collage elements. Commissions and portraits are always on the go. As we create many of the products in our gallery my ouvre includes product design and development including the mediums of: fabric, stationery (digital graphic design), blackboards, ceramics and wood. I also design the logos and packaging of all we create. Our main production line is hand-printed fabric and I design all our ranges under the label Stowe and so. In addition to this I design exclusive ranges for other textile manufactuers, clothing companies and product wholesalers. Many of the products we sell are illustrated by myself, and I do freelance drawings for books, publications and magazines. I love to work!”

Keep watching this space for new developments.