Exhibition: Etchings by John Moore

This exhibition, Entitled “Etching” just showcases some 60 works of mine from small 10 x 15 cm works to huge 2 m x 1 m works. My art reflects themes I have created from 2016-2019. Most themes are environmental concerns as well as storytelling. Most of my work has some narrative to it, each holds a story. All my work is highly detailed, taking many hours to create due to its complexity. I am currently working n long 40 x 100 cm works, looking at the plight of pangolin’s, but a central theme running though the show is environmental concerns. We as humans are ever growing, exploiting and pushing nature out of her natural zones as we expand, threatening the fauna and flora of this planet. We need to change our ways or we will face considerable issues in the near future. My small work can take me a few days to complete, the average work about 3-4 days (20 x 25 cm), the larger the work, the more time it takes. My large work, has taken me over 8 months to complete. (per image) I look at the magic of the moment, of being present and witness the beauty of nature, but I also look at how species are attracted to each other, often forming co-dependent relationships. How some insects pollinate specific flowers, how some species of animals and birds are common, and others extremely rare (the scrub hare being common, the Riverine rabbit being extremely isolated), just one example. When you see my work, specifically a solo show like “etching” at Intoto Gallery, Illovo you need to take your time and look at the play of light and form, the relationship of the objects on the picture plane and observe the high level of detail in the work. Like in nature the longer you spend in front of each piece the more it can talk with you and reveal things to you. Like in nature, when you sit, observe and reflect, slowly nature reveals itself to you. This is exactly the play I like to have in my work. These etchings have taken considerable time and effort to create, I use techniques invented in Rembrandt’s time, the process I use being exactly the same. I make sure each print is created to last over 500 years. Lets hope the animals depicted in them can last even longer.